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The ICO states in its forward to the SCOR document: “ICO will retain a interest that is keen exactly how individual information is processed inside the credit industry, because of the importance for folks of choices centered on CRA information. Accurate documentation lodged with a CRA needs to be a reflection that is reliable of individual’s credit standing. The info Protection Act 2018 probably will have now been breached where, for instance, inaccurate, away from date or extortionate data that are personal getting used to evaluate your credit-worthiness.”

I believe it’s this that has occurred right here. If Satsuma had added the standard after 3-6 months of arrears it might be dropping down a earlier than it will currently year. This implies my missed payments are now being maintained record for 7 and a half years.

I would really like my grievance to attend an Ombudsman. if you fail to reconsider your final decision,”

Many thanks Sara for the reaction , i shall back take this into the adjudicator and tell you the results. I actually do really appreciate the time you have got invested taking a look at this problem. I did son’t understand how to start yesterday. Therefore thank you once again.

Hi Sara i simply wished to upgrade to my e-mail from addjudicator we received today. They havd told satsuma to alter the standard date to March 16 very nearly one earlier year . It was a long challenge with satsuma refusing to improve it and telling me personally it might never be done nearly 6 months with all the ombudsman solutions . But then i would have just almost accepted the addjuticator if i hadn’t had the use of your knowledge . Many thanks for the make it has actually means a complete lot in my opinion and my loved ones.

James M Harding says

I’ve 36 months of missed payments on my payday cash loans Virginia credit where i’ve been having to pay reduced amount as agreed with my financial obligation administration agency. We additionally have actually 4 defaults back at my credit history from three years ago from my other debts. We have the capacity to pay from the debt in full now so i not any longer get any more missed repayments however i am going to need to wait the 6 years for those missed payments to fall off despite having the keep in mind that your debt happens to be compensated. I’ve been wanted to replace the three years of missed payments to a backdated standard in order for in 2-3 years time all of the defaults fall down my report together. Which choice must I decide on?

I composed a note on here formerly regarding changing default times. I happened to be effective in negotiating modification of standard times with Halifax and RBS, but Zopa declined to simply accept I had been treated by them unfairly therefore wouldn’t normally budge regarding the date. I taken care of immediately all of them with a topic access demand along side mentioning it might be introduced towards the ombudsman that is financial. (I’ve referred it however they are yet to react making use of their choice).

They will have now neglected to offer the information access, for over 8 weeks. I happened to be wondering if you were to think this could assist my instance because of the monetary ombudsman or whether i will contact Zopa or go right to the economic ombudsman once more?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

It’s aggravating but it isn’t more likely to assist you win the FOS case.

Okay. Thank you for the minds up. I’ll perhaps push them for this then.

We have a debt with lowell the original standard date had been dec 2013 …but was updated to dec 16 now showing the subsequent date just may I ask with this to be removed or perhaps not

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

The initial loan provider included a default if Dev 2013?

Christine Spillane says

Hi, we have noticed to my credit file from clear score that We have defaults which are a lot more than 6yrs old but they are nevertheless appearing on my credit file. How to get these eliminated while they went through the mark that is 6yr.

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

Ask Clearscore why they have been here.

Hi, we had a DRO on 4th 2014 which has dissapeared today august! But 2 associated with creditors continue to have recorded a later standard date (August twentieth 2014, therefore to not troubled about this one until it drops off my file) but the other that is wrong has March 2015 as the default date, should I be contacting the creditor to change it to the date I entered the DRO or just leave it as it’s a couple of weeks away? How impact that is much that have back at my credit report?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

I think it’s best to ask the creditor to correct the later one as you say a couple of weeks doesn’t matter but.

Sorry to hijack but I’ve seemed on all 3 agencies and a really similar question.

FYI, I are now living in Scotland and ended up being looking to allow this fall off at the conclusion of 2023, saving for a home loan and everything that is doing enhance my ratings in the meantime.

An“Account Settled” date of 31/07/2017 (Is this the default date??) But a “Last Updated” date of 15/03/2020 These guys put a marker on every month that looks like I’m defaulting again but I’ve read on your site that should disappear when the default “Falls off” on Experian; I have a “Current Status” of “Default/Ended”?

On Equifax; I have an “Updated” date of 17/08/2017 (Is this the standard date??) “No data recorded” from July 2017 may be the only other information i will offer you using this one.

On Transunion; The “Date of Default” is 31/07/2017 however the Updated that is“Last is 04/07/2020 this option place a marker on on a monthly basis that looks like I’m defaulting once again but I’ve keep reading your website which should disappear completely once the default “Falls off”?

To increase my confusion, Transunion show the account as available yet one other two reveal it as “In Default”

I suppose the question that is short, should all of these autumn off my reports by the end of 2023? Offering I’m not issued with a decree.

Bonus matter: What’s the chances of receiving court action in Scotland for the sum of the £2018?

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