November 17, 2020 @ 3:29 pm - posted by Aleksey

Show of arms, that has “threesome with all the pool boy” being the career-ender that is tawdry Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Whoa. That’s lot of fingers.

Nother words, no genuine shock right here. Jerry Junior and spouse, Becki, have already been the pious poster few for family members values (despite a noticeable whiff of skeeve) for many years. Wasn’t it simply 30 days ago we saw Junior’s cozy pic posing by having a expecting friend—both using unzipped jeans and broad grins?

Plus it ended up being simply four years back Junior plus the missus endorsed Donald that is pal Trump the Republican National Convention where they distribute tidings of good joy… and perchance Chlamydia. Kidding! All that chlorine kills germs. Just ask Surgeon General in Waiting The My Pillow Guy.

Through all of it, Falwell Junior has manned up and taken responsibility for….whoa! We crack myself up. Needless to say he didn’t. He instead allowed since just just exactly how their wife had an event because of the pool child for quite some time. You can state she made him a pool guy. A Jezebel and that’s why he’s resigning in other words, his wife sinned and he knew about it and she’s. Uh huh.

The pool child, who was simply nowhere near because stupid I like to watch” scenario as he looks, supplied Reuters with proof that Junior was a, uh, witness to the shenanigans but so far Falwell has emphatically denied the. If that psychological image does not allow you to wash out vodka, nothing will to your eyes.

Falwell Junior has found help of the kind in a many unanticipated destination: liberals. Not totally all of us, mind you, but a number of. Social media marketing is ablaze with reminders that what consenting grownups do in their own personal luxurious resort rooms in the dime of the college that demonizes homosexuals and non-virgins isn’t any one else’s company.

Plus it’s a but that is big. We cannot lie.

Then you hadn’t oughta watch the pool boy diddle your wife over a period of many years because that is the Biblical definition of hypocrisy if you’re going to set yourself up as a godly man who stands for strict Biblical principles.

I became beginning to feel only a little detrimental to Becki (don’t you understand she prolly nevertheless dots her “i’s with only a little heart?) but which was her interview with first daughter-in-law Lara Trump, taped a year ago, in which she bragged about instilling the youth at Liberty University with morals and values before I saw. It is, to quote Aunt Verlie, leaving the rat to shield the cheese.

But which wasn’t the part that is best regarding the “interview.” No, the part that is best had been whenever Becki giddily shared exactly exactly exactly exactly how her husband’s favorite musician is Elton John. Hmmmm. Would you like to tell Junior support cashcall loans com or can I?

For the present time, Liberty is leaderless. However, it is often for quite a while. And my guess could be the legion of defenders of Falwell and their phony religiosity will recede like, well, suntan cream for a back that is bronzed.

Celia Rivenbark can’t stop laughing at Twitter’s description of Donald Trump Jr.’s gf, Kimberly Guilfoyle, as “Great Value Melania.”

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