- We offer intensive Spanish courses in Barcelona, Spain.
– Our teachers have over 20 years of experience and offer a personal and friendly approach.
– Learn Spanish in extremely efficient and practical way.
– We are located on La Rambla, in the very center of Barcelona.
– We teach in very small groups with native speaking professors.
– Our goal is for you to not only learn Spanish, but more importantly to SPEAK SPANISH.

Please see our timetable and prices page to select your Spanish course.

Why us?

Because we love our work.

Our classes are small and familiar.

Because we are personal.

We have prepared a series of texts, including: descriptions, drama, poetry and related vocabulary. Many of these are focused on Spanish and Catalan culture.

Our courses give you the opportunity to review vocabulary and also learn the culture of this ancient country whose language you want to study.

a) Our reputation is based on word of mouth.
b) Our prices are the lowest in Barcelona.
c) Our motto: “People are the most important”.

Would you like to know more?

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